Caring For Your Hermit Crabs – Essential Tips

Caring for your hermit crabs is one way of showing them love and affection with all your heart. Caring for them is providing them their needs in everyday life. You must give them food and shelter to make them live longer or simply to live for decades. You should follow carefully the tips in caring for them to make your hermit crabs happy and healthy. Caring for your hermit crabs simply requires a lot attention and of course a lot of patience. They are just like us humans that longs for love and care to survive in this crazy world.

To start caring for your crabs, begin by setting up a crabitat. The crabitat is their home while in captivity. You should maintain and check the temperature and humidity of the crabitat. The required temperature is between 72 degree Fahrenheit and 83 degree Fahrenheit while the required humidity should be 75 to 85%. Caring for your hermit crabs is giving them a variety of foods including sources of calcium like cheese which is good for their exoskeleton. They also need carotene which can be found in carrots to make their colour strong. They also need fresh and salt water for drinking and bathing to maintain them healthy and clean.

Caring for your crabs has some tips to remember to keep them fit and healthy. In order to make your hermit crabs live for decades, never isolate one hermit crab only for crabs are social creatures that can never live alone. Never give them extra shells because they contain toxic substances which are harmful for your crab. Provide quite shallow and non slippery dishes to prevent them from drowning while drinking and bathing. Never use also poisonous plants like the lucky bamboo and evergreen as decorations for their habitat.

Now you know all the important details on caring for your crabs, you can now give all the love and care it needs to be happy and healthy even in captivity. Caring for your hermit crabs is not difficult especially when youĂ­re a pet lover in nature. Happy crabbing!

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