How to Take Care of Your Hair

Many people dream of having shiny, healthy hair like they see with celebrities. They think it must require expensive products and personal stylists to achieve that look. However, anyone can have beautiful hair if they know how to take care of it.

Eat Healthy

Caring for your hair begins on the inside with what you eat. When you are lacking nutrients, certain areas like your hair and nails show the effects first. Since they are considered nonessential, the body takes from those areas to give nutrition to other processes within your body. Your hair reflects your diet and overall health.

Iron helps to keep hair thick and healthy-looking. Vitamins A and C are also necessary nutrients for your hair to look shiny and sleek. You can get those vitamins in broccoli, spinach, and citrus fruits.

Use Good Products

Don’t be tempted to save money and buy the cheapest hair products you can find. While you can find good products that aren’t too expensive, the price should not be your first criteria in choosing the right ones.

When you choose shampoos and conditioners, pick the kind that is designed to work with your hair. Try to select the gentlest ones to prevent over-drying. Use the least amount of product that you can for the style or problem you are dealing with. For instance, if you need a frizz serum, use a small dime size amount to begin with and add more as needed. Too much product will make your hair lifeless and dull.

Use treatments occasionally to restore your hair’s health and shine. If you don’t know the best products to use on your hair, ask your stylist to recommend one.

Choose Styling Tools and Methods Wisely

The best recommendation when it comes to styling your hair is not to use heat tools. However, this is not always possible to achieve the look you want. The next best thing is to prevent damage to your hair with heat protectant products.

Do not settle for cheap styling tools and brushes. They may use lower grade products and damage your hair. Invest in a quality brush; natural bristles are better for your hair.

Wait until your hair is dry to begin styling or putting clips and elastics in your hair. Wet hair stretches less and is more likely to break. When towel-drying your hair, do not rub; pat it dry gently. If you use a hair dryer, set it on the lowest setting.

Get a trim regularly to remove dry and split ends. Most hair experts recommend every six to eight weeks to keep hair looking its best.

If you spend the extra time and money to take care of your hair, you will be rewarded with beautiful, healthy hair that you can be proud of.

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